History & Hope Curriculum


A collective group convened by the Alaska Resilience Initiative has created a curriculum for teaching about ACEs, resilience, and trauma-informed care. The "History & Hope" training introduces the audience to the adverse childhood experiences study, and addresses the question "Why are adverse childhood experiences so adverse, and what can we do about it?" Bringing together Alaska Native ancestral knowledge of trauma and resilience; the sciences of neurobiology, physiology, and epigenetics; data on social and economic stressors affecting Alaskan families; simple brain-body healing exercises; and promising practices in education and early childhood settings, this presentation provides an introduction to how trauma-informed, culturally-responsive approaches in healthcare and education can help shift our most pressing health and social problems.

Receiving Training

We have a cohort of 20 trainers from 6 communities around Alaska, who can deliver tailored, in-person trainings at no cost except travel accommodations. To request the "History & Hope" training please contact Alaska Children’s Trust staff Maleah Wenzel at


History and Hope Curriculum Flyer

History and Hope Preview Video

Full History and Hope Training Video (Education Version)

Full History and Hope Training Video (Policy Maker Version)

1-Hour History and Hope Webinar

History and Hope ECHO Training Video

History and Hope ECHO Training Video, 2

The History & Hope curriculum is generously supported by the following funders.


Additional Trainings

Additionally, our communications workgroup has worked with partners throughout the state to compile this one page overview of available trainings and this spreadsheet of trainings on trauma and resilience and how to access trainers.



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